What is a Prepper?

prepperYou may have heard the term “prepper” used to describe certain people, but aren’t sure what it means. Being a prepper is a way of life that encourages preparation for survival during difficult times.

Many people believe preppers to be paranoid people or religious extremists who are waiting for the world to end, but these are incorrect stereotypes. Preppers are not crazy or delusional; they are normal people who choose to prepare their families for a crisis. Contrary to the story told on television shows, preppers do not focus on one specific event, but they are ready for anything that they might face. Society tends to put a negative connotation on what preppers do, but there is nothing wrong with accepting the realistic possibility that things might not go the way you’ve planned.

What Exactly is a Prepper?

A prepper is anyone with a sense of responsibility to take care of their family during a difficult or catastrophic time. Preppers are ready for anything that comes their way, including natural disasters and other uncontrollable events. They can easily survive longer than non-preppers because they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to do so. They believe it is their duty to protect their families should their normal lives be disrupted.

Preppers are equipped to face a number of emergencies, ranging from earthquakes and hurricanes to an economic collapse. They are able to sustain the lives of their family members when weather conditions or other tragedies limit their resources. They are able to adapt to difficult situations, and they can provide their loved ones with safety and security during times of uncertainty. Preppers make sure they have sufficient food, water, and supplies to survive if calamity strikes.

Why Do People Prep?

There are countless reasons why people become preppers, one of which being the fact that grocery stores will not have adequate supplies available if a disaster or pandemic occurs. Once the shelves are empty each person will be responsible for finding their own food. This is a huge problem if you only have enough food in your cabinets to last a week. Water will also be scarce during a tragic event, and finding clean drinking water will not be easy. It will also be extremely difficult to obtain first aid supplies and other essential items.

The government cannot always be counted on for emergency assistance, which is another reason many people emphasize preparedness in their homes. While the American government does its best to give aid to people affected by disasters, there is no guarantee that they will make it to your family quickly. If the entire country is affected by a crisis they may not make it to your family at all. The need for assistance could be too great, and their resources may not allow them to help everyone. Preppers are more likely to survive widespread catastrophic events because they are not dependent on the government.

It is no secret that the United States’ economy has been rocky over the past several years. For many people that is a very good reason to become a prepper. It is a good idea to be prepared in case our economy collapses completely. There is always the possibility that an event similar to the Great Depression could occur, and no one wants to be caught off-guard. Preppers will be ready to face times of uncertainty like this, while other families will struggle to put food on their tables.

Bad things happen when you least expect them. This is the most obvious reason to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Whether a slightly tragic event occurs or a catastrophic one, preppers believe preparedness is the greatest tool you can possess.

The Basics of Prepping

One of the most important aspects of prepping is stocking up on food and water. This can include food pouches and canned goods as well as bottled water. Preppers also make sure their families will have adequate shelter during times of emergency. This can be a basement, a bunker, or a number of other go-to areas for safety. They generally store their rations in their chosen place of shelter. Some preppers keep enough food to last them a few days, while others store enough for several months. It all depends on available space and finances. In addition to food and water, preppers generally also keep a number of other vital supplies on-hand. These include flashlights, batteries, matches, first aid kits, toiletries, eating utensils, maps, and fire extinguishers.

Preppers make sure their family has knowledge of basic survival skills. They also teach their families how to protect themselves when resources are scarce, in case they have to fight to keep what’s rightfully theirs. Many preppers choose to train their loved ones to use firearms for protection, and also as a way of obtaining food should they run out of supplies. They make sure their families know how to safely and properly handle weapons, and they keep ample amounts of ammunition stocked up along with their rations.

When resources are limited, preppers have an array of useful skills to help their families survive. Knowing different methods of water distillation is very important when faced with tragic conditions. Even the most prepared person can run out of supplies if the circumstances last longer than predicted. Preppers know that not all water is safe for drinking, and if their water supply runs dry they are able to provide safe drinking water through distillation. Many of them also have water catchment systems near their place of shelter. Knowing how to grow vegetables is also very useful if rations should come to an end. A good prepper knows how to cultivate and nurture a garden so that they can feed their family members.

Start Prepping Today

If you find yourself interested in becoming a prepper and want to learn more, there are a lot of resources available, including our recommendations on 45 Great Books for Preppers. If you want to talk to other preppers and compare ideas, visit the American Preppers Network Forum.┬áPreparing your family for uncertain times is extremely important as it could be the difference between life and death. Don’t wait for something bad to happen; start getting ready today.